Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Family mediation services can help divorced or separated parents.You may be finding that communication with your ex is impossible and lawyers’ letters are expensive; or perhaps you just cannot come to an agreement.

You will of course have a variety of concerns. For divorcing or separating parents, child contact is usually the main issue but mediation can be used to resolve any disagreements, large or small.

Family mediation offers couples, who are living apart, separating or divorcing, the opportunity to discuss their issues in a safe and neutral place.

This is a collaborative and non-aggressive, cost-effective and efficient way of resolving disagreements and planning for the future.


What happens in Family Mediation?

In family mediation, you will be encouraged to identify issues for discussion and to talk about possible options. The mediator will facilitate the discussion and help ensure that you are each able to make your points and have them heard and understood. The mediator also helps keep the discussion focused on the decision-making process so that issues can be resolved between you. You will be assisted to plan for the present and the future and make decisions which are acceptable to both of you. Those decisions can then be written out in an agreement.

The mediator is neutral so she will not take sides. She will not give legal or financial advice. However the Mediation Agreement can become part of your legal separation or divorce agreement.


I really didn't think that mediation would help. But after a sticky start the barriers seemed to lift and I found I was actually talking to my ex and getting reasonable responses! I would recommend it to anyone going through a separation.

Things are much better after mediation and we are treating each other with respect!