Mediation Services from Alicia Smith based in Glasgow

Mediation can help you resolve conflict and find solutions.This service offers Family Mediation for Childcare, Divorce or Separation issues and Workplace Mediation for relationship problems at work. Mediation is also useful in resolving disputes between any family members (such as Parent and Son/Daughter or Siblings and in resolving rifts in longstanding Friendships. – In fact anything which involves a broken relationship.

You may want to

  • rebuild a relationship so that you can become close again
  • resolve a present argument and then go your separate ways
  • repair your relationship so that you are able to communicate in a business-like way

Whatever your aim, mediation can help.

Issues to be resolved may be anything from minor differences of opinion to major conflicts. Long standing relationship problems can be addressed as well as issues which have come up more  recently.

This is an effective and inexpensive way of addressing your grievances and coming to an understanding so that you can move forward. The mediator will not make a judgement, nor take sides, but will facilitate a discussion of the issues so that you are able to explain your points of view and listen to what the other party has to say. You and the other party will be assisted to discuss the issues which are important to you, consider options and find solutions so that you can come to a workable agreement.

Please call or email Alicia Smith at Glasgow Independent Mediation to discuss your own particular relationship problems.