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Children and Marriage Breakdown

Children and Marriage Breakdown Glasgow

An increasing number of children and young people are suffering from the effects of their parents breaking up.

This is not only very distressing for them at the time but has an on-going effect on their emotional health. Unless a parent has been abusive towards children, it is really important that the children have continuing contact with both parents.

This has to be carefully achieved. Even if you try hard to not speak ill of the other parent within hearing of your child, the child will pick up some of what is going on. Without having an adult understanding of relationships, the child may take sides with one parent over the other. Alternatively, the child may not want to have contact with the non-residential parent as he/she fears that parting with the parent again at the end of the contact time will be too painful.

Sometimes the child refuses to have contact with the other parent in order to make life easier and less distressing. Living a life torn between two parents is just too difficult.

Contact arrangements should be carefully established in the first place and any hiccups must be taken seriously and addressed as soon as possible. Of course it is easier if you have a reasonable relationship with your ex. If you are not able to put anger and resentments aside and establish a workable relationship with your ex, contact can easily go wrong.

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