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Counselling can be an Alternative to Mediation

Sometimes mediation seems too difficult or is not possible. Counselling could be a good alternative. People in difficult relationships at work or with their family or friends sometimes feel that mediation is not for them. It is worth considering individual counselling instead.

  • You will probably be feeling vulnerable and may not want to reveal too many of your thoughts or feelings to the other party. You may prefer to have private, confidential help without having to let the other party know how difficult you are finding the relationship.
  • Maybe the other party is unwilling to take part in mediation.
  • Perhaps you are unable to find a time when you can both attend mediation.

Counselling as an Option

You may prefer to go to counselling rather than mediation. Counselling can help calm your emotions whether they be fear, anger, shame or something else. As you become calmer, you can begin to understand the problems better. Discussing with a counsellor will help you see the situation more clearly. Perhaps you will find yourself re-thinking your assumptions or becoming more aware of possible alternative points of view.

You will be supported in considering different ways of dealing with your problems and in coping with future interaction with the other party. You can be helped to decide whether to let the other person know how you are thinking or feeling and how best to do this.

Counselling can help you become more confident so that you are able to make decisions and have more control over the situation.

To discuss this further, please email or call 01292 281793.

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