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Grandparents? Lost Contact With Your Grandchildren?

Grandparent Mediation Glasgow

One million grandparents in Britain are prevented from seeing their grandchildren, according to a recent article in the Guardian. This may be because of a family feud or because the children’s parents have split up and this has resulted in access to grandparents being denied.

Not only is this very sad, but most people agree that children and grandparents are good for each other. It can be extremely distressing for all if they are not allowed, and enabled, to see each other.

Very often the grandparents and the children are innocent victims of a parental dispute. Why not work out a way of allowing grandparents and grandchildren contact with each other even if there is a problem with parental contact.

 Even if it is thought that the grandparents have behaved badly, it is worth looking at this again. Surely it is worth giving them a chance to explain the reasons behind their behaviour, clear up misunderstandings and agree on new ways of doing things?

If coming to an agreement amongst yourselves is too daunting, or has been unsuccessful, try Mediation. To discuss this further, please contact me

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