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Mediation can reduce workplace conflict

Mediation can reduce workplace conflict

Mediation can reduce workplace conflict where other interventions fail. Two-fifth of UK employees say they have had some type of conflict with another employee. This is sometimes an isolated event but very often there are on-going difficulties which are very stressful and may result in absence or quitting the job.

Workplace conflict arising from personality differences

Workplace mediation can focus on the most common cause of conflict – personality differences. Sometimes people just do not understand each other!  What one person sees as perfectly acceptable behaviour can be anaethma to someone else. One worker can feel disrespected or harassed by someone who is not even aware that there is a problem. People are quick to notice the disrespectful behaviour of others but tend not to be aware of  the impact of their own behaviour.

Workplace mediation may reduce conflict where formal procedures fail

Grievance and discipline procedures are often used to address conflict but these tend to either be inconclusive or to result in one person being deemed ‘right’ and the other ‘wrong’. This may ignore the problem of how the situation arose in the first place and how it escalated. Both parties may well have been doing their best. The person who is found to be ‘wrong’ probably feels aggrieved and hurt by the organisation as well as the other party. This leads to a lack of commitment and motivation in the individual and a reduced morale which can affect other workers.

Mediation repairs workplace relationships

An independent mediator, who is unknown to the parties and an outsider to the organisation, can encourage the parties to speak honestly and delve behind the surface problems in order to find the lack of understanding, miscommunication and aggravation which is causing the workplace conflict. This results in the parties having greater respect for, and less animosity towards, each other. They can therefore agree on better ways of working together and start building a more positive relationship.

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