The Procedure

The Procedure

Mediation of divorce, family or employment issues is usually face-to-face but telephone mediation may be an option in exceptional circumstances.

Please enquire by telephone or by email to discuss how mediation could help your situation.

If you would like to proceed, the mediator will then make contact with each of the  parties involved to explain a bit about mediation, find out a little about his/her issues and to ensure that he/she is agreeable to going forward into mediation.

The place and time will then be discussed. The office in Glasgow city centre is ideally set up for mediation but it is possible to consider other venues of your choice.

The length of time involved varies depending on the type of mediation, the complexity of issues and the number of parties involved. Please ask for more information on this.

Each mediation begins with a short individual meeting with each of the parties before having a joint meeting. Thereafter the parties may be together most of the time but some time will be spent in individual meetings. Again this is flexible to suit your circumstances.

The mediation usually concludes with an agreement being signed by the parties. Afterwards, should you feel that you would like a follow-up session, these can be arranged at any time.