Personal or Family Disputes

Mediation between Family Members or between Friends

Are you suffering from a family rift or wondering what went wrong in a friendship. Mediation could be helpful for you. You can be helped in an informal way to find out how the other person views the situation and what can be done about it.

Many fall-outs happen because of mis-communication and misunderstanding or because of actions which are now regretted. Past mistakes can be difficult to overcome. – Let mediation help.

Mediation can help re-unite families or friends

Mediation is useful when family members have fallen out over any sort of issue. Perhaps they have disagreed over care of an elderly parent or maybe over inheritance issues or family business matters. Perhaps there is a long-standing family feud which started many years ago.

Parents or step-parents and a son or daughter often find it very difficult to live in harmony. Perhaps problems have become unbearable now that the young person is growing up. Sometimes difficulties start when grandchildren come along.

Mediation has also been used to heal a broken friendship.

I was so relieved to have contact with my sister again after all this time. It was so good to start speaking again.