Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation can improve relationships at work. Mediation provides an opportunity to settle disputes or on-going problems between people who work together for the same organisation. This may involve directors or partners, managers or staff.

Do you have an employee who is off sick with work-related stress, anxiety or depression due to feeling badly treated or discriminated against? Or are you that employee?

Relationships are of particular importance if you work in a family business where business conflicts and personal relationships can impinge on each other. Is your business being affected by divorce or transfer to the next generation or is there a problem with on-going differences of opinion?

Why choose mediation?

Mediation provides an opportunity for you to put forward any issues you would like to discuss and to work on resolving those issues. You can discuss what the issues really mean to you, clear up misunderstandings and come up with creative solutions which will help you move forward.

Why not try independent mediation before going to formal grievance procedures? The process is much less stressful and the chances of being able to work together without rancour afterwards are much greater. However it is possible to come to mediation at any point so, if grievance procedures have already been tried, mediation can still be the answer.

Glasgow Independent Mediation is familiar with a wide spectrum of businesses across all sectors. The mediation process can be used to improve harmony in any workplace setting.


Why choose an independent mediator?

Only someone from outwith your company can be truly impartial. An independent mediator does not have any pre-conceived ideas or preferences and will not side with one party or the other. On the other hand, a mediator who works within the company can be biased and can be personally affected by the outcome of the mediation.

The outcome of the mediation has had a major impact on not only my working life but also on aspects of my personal life as well. The situation at work has improved remarkably and we seem to have a new found respect for each other.